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About CIPA

A Cornell MPA Can Help You Succeed

Perhaps you are interested in preparing for a new career in one of the many fields of public affairs. Or perhaps you already work in an area of public affairs but wish to develop specific expertise and credentials that will advance your career.

A Cornell MPA will help you meet either goal. Along with gaining new knowledge and skills, you will add Cornell’s powerful reputation to your personal strengths.

Curriculum + Hands-On Experience = The CIPA MPA Program

Our two-year MPA program offers you unusual flexibility in selecting your courses and experiences. It is designed to provide a solid foundation in fundamentals, special expertise in an area of your choosing, and the strong analytical and communication skills you will need as a professional in the public affairs arena.

At CIPA you will undertake substantive practical work including public engagement in the field, honing your professional abilities at the same time that you are gaining valuable experience. With this combination of course work and experience, you will leave CIPA well-prepared for the next phase of your career - and ready to compete as one of the best-of-the-best in the job market.


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